Thursday, July 9, 2015


The kids put in the necessary work this week at practice and we are ready to go down to the State 7 on 7 tournament and compete. In thinking back over the 59 games I have participated in at State as the Head Coach for the Vikes there are a couple of things that I am really proud of:

* Viking players have always traveled well. We stay at the same hotel year after year because both parties treat the other with respect. They really do ACT like they belong at State.

* We play hard all of the time. With just a few exceptions we advance to the Championship bracket on Saturday which means we finished 1st or 2nd in Pool Play. So not only have we made it to the State tournament a record 18 years in a row but we do something with it when we get there. Four trips to the final 4 and two more to the quarterfinals surely attests to that player effort.

* Not only are the Vikes the only team in the State of Texas to qualify all 18 years but we have accomplished that feat ON THE ROAD every single time. Can you imagine if the Cowboys or TCU played only "road games"? We are never put in an "easy" pool as most host schools do for themselves in order to increase their chances of qualifying in their own tournament. By doing it the hard way on the road we are more ready to take on the quality of opponent in College Station.

We have a great challenge in front of us the next few days. There are a lot of talented teams and players to contend with. To narrow it down from 64 teams to a State Championship requires incredible talent, effort and a bit of luck. I promise we will give it our VERY BEST. VFND.

Jim Poynter and Staff