Thursday, April 20, 2017


By this Saturday we will have 5 preseason practices under our belt and it is a good thing as our first state qualifier has been moved up to Saturday 4/29.

The host school Frisco Heritage, has worked out a deal with the Dallas Cowboys so the 24 team tournament can be held at the "Star", the Cowboys new HQ and practice facility in Frisco. Not only will this be an opportunity for all of us to tour the new facility but the kids get to play there. It is also NFL Draft weekend so there will be lots of media about the premises as well.

We do not have a lot of details just yet but they will be forthcoming early next week so stay tuned!

We have made good progress as a team over the last month. It is a challenge for the kids and coaches a like as we see them only once per week right now and many have "in season" sports along with school to fit in the rest of the week. So any practices in the preseason are beneficial and should make a difference over the course of the season. We will have a few kids miss the Frisco SQT because they have track or baseball conflicts. All 24 teams will be dealing with this and we will take the best 20 players we have available and see how it goes!

There is a special liability form for the Cowboys event so please fill it out and get it back in as soon as possible along with the season tournament fees.