Monday, June 20, 2016


Congratulations to the following Viking 7 on 7 players for being selected to the traveling squad to the State Tournament (alphabetical by last name):

1. Bobby Brown
2. Dayton Dubs
3. Cameron Escobedo
4. Chance Fuller
5. Deshawn Gaddie
6. Kaden Hadawi
7. Red Huggins
8. Jaylen Jones
9. DeAndre League
10. Jalan McDonald
11. Trey Miller
12. Rashod Polk
13. Maxwell Premph
14. Ryan Reuland
15. Mathew Shaw
16. Lakendrick Simpson
17. Cade Tresch
18. Justin Thomas
19. Kolby Underwood
20. Devon Wright


With the State 7 on 7 tournament only a few weeks away we decided to try to replicate as much as possible the grueling two day event in College Station. To win a state 7 on 7 championship requires winning at least 2 games of 3 on Friday; then winning 5 in a row on Saturday. The heat and quality of competition takes a large physical and mental strain on the competitors from all teams. By putting ourselves through a similar process this past Friday (3 games) and Saturday (3games) in very hot conditions, gave us a good look at how the kids would react to the stress. The Vikes handled the test very well going 6-0 against very solid competition. Not only is this a test for the kids but the coaches and parents as well have to deal with the heat and the logistics (water/food/rides/tents/paperwork) of running a first class program. It was a challenge for everyone and they lived up to the test. We participated in 4 State Qualifying Tournaments over the past month and the Vikes won all 13 games without a loss.

We have now selected the 20 man roster for College Station and will spend the next 5 practices prior to departing for College Station working with these players as units. We will also get them some well deserved rest in this period. Most fans do not realize that the summer off season work-outs for football continue-it is not just 7 on 7 that demands of them in the summer. So getting their legs back prior to leaving for College Station is as important as the work we do on the field.   

I will blog again once the Pools have been announced and give you some feel for who we will be playing on Friday July 8th.  VFND!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This Friday and Saturday the Viking 7 on 7 team (8-0 for season) will play 6 pool games in a 24 hour period in two different road tournaments. This is in preparation for the State Tournament which is held over two days, in hot weather, against very good competition. The conditions will be similar this weekend.

After the two tournaments this week, in consultation with Coach DeLay we will finalize the 20 man roster for the State Tournament. I will report back how we fared next week. VFND!