Friday, March 4, 2016


The 2016 Lamar Varsity 7 on 7 team will begin efforts to qualify for a state record 19th consecutive trip to the State 7 on 7 Tournament with the first practice on Saturday March 26th.

We have sent in deposits for 6 State Qualifying Tournaments (SQT's) including our first ever back to back SQT's on consecutive days. This will allow us to mimic the 2 day state tournament and all that means in terms of playing a lot of games against good opponents with a short turn around. Although it costs more in terms of entry fees we believe using SQT's as a "high speed" practice against other teams benefits the kids more than another internal practice. Of course that all depends on how fast we actually get qualified as to how we treat each tournament in terms of who we actually take and how we approach the day.

I am please to announce that Lysandra Bell and Shannon Huggins have agreed to be our team volunteer coordinators this season. This is an important job and I know the rest of the parents and other friends of the program will help make sure the players have everything they need to compete.

I am also very pleased to announce that several of our long time sponsors are helping us in key areas most notably First Rate and DS Waters. Their financial and material contributions are essential to run the Lamar program in the manner consistent with our goals of best in State.

Finally, we are so fortunate to have our 2015 coaching staff returning intact for the 2016 season. Other than the two old guys (Jim and Steve) these young men were special players in the Lamar football and 7 on 7 programs and now serve as volunteer coaches. Steve has been with me a long time and if we need it done he finds the way. I promise you they are as good as any 7 on 7 staff in the State and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Jim Poynter: Head Coach
Steve Villareal: Assistant Head Coach/Operations
Elias Bahar: Offensive Coordinator
Lawrence Idiata: Defensive Coordinator
Harrell Hicks: Defense
Julian Steward: Defensive
Michael Poynter: Offense/State Tournament

 Be sure and thank them for their service when you have the opportunity!