Monday, April 22, 2019


This Saturday (4/27) the Vikes travel to Frisco to compete in the first state 7 on 7 qualifying event of the 2019 season. This is somewhat unique event as the venue is the Ford "Star" in Frisco, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Last year there were Cowboy coaches, a few players and even some cheerleaders watching and of course the facility is first rate. The "Pool" winners play inside the Ford Star which seats 12,000 in the "qualifying" round of games. So it is a fun event to kick off the season!

Because it is still April many of our athletes are involved in other seasonal sports namely baseball and track. Just as last year the Frisco event is at the same time as "Regionals" in track. Once again some of our great Lamar athletes have made it to regionals which is great but it does mean we are missing some good players for the Frisco event. Of course that means that some of our younger players will get a chance to compete this week at the varsity 7 on 7 tournament level of play. There is a PDF tab on the front page of our web site. Click on that tab and you will see a couple of PDF's related to our schedule, where to park; where/when we play etc.

I will blog again after Saturday's event and let you know how we fared and more about the upcoming season.


Coach Poynter