Tuesday, April 3, 2018


We now have two practices completed and three more to go before our first State Qualifying Tournament 4/28. We were much better in the 2nd practice as we began to get used to playing again. We have a long way to go to be ready for an SQT but that is to be expected. We have a couple of injuries we are dealing with but nothing too serious.

The next few practices we will have to pick up our tempo on both sides of the ball. Some of the younger players have shown that varsity 7 on 7 is "not too big for them" and we expect to get some real help from our to-be sophomores.

Just before our first SQT the kids will start spring football. We  will still practice 7 on 7 on Saturdays so we are ready for SQT # 2 on 5/26. As we go about the business of trying to qualify for a state record 21st season in a row we have to keep the mindset that this is never easy; that this is a new year and this team has NEVER qualified before.


Coach Poynter