Monday, May 29, 2017


On a truly hot and muggy Saturday the Viking players rolled to a 4-0 record and it was NOT EASY.
We were not as sharp on either side of the ball this week as we were in Frisco and there were two primary factor:  1. We were less than 48 hours removed from the spring football scrimmage and 2. The weather (hot and windy). While we got through spring football with just a couple of injuries (Sam and Elijah) the players bodies were still recovering from contact and the spring game. Even though we were physically more tired this week the kids did not use that as an excuse and played hard and with a lot of enthusiasm. We came from behind to win games 3 and 4 which showed a lot of character. There is real pressure for any Viking 7 on 7 team to get qualified with a streak this long. NO ONE WANTS TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE TEAM THAT DID NOT "GET IT DONE". We talk about it frankly right from the first practice of the season. Still it is always a big relief for all of us when it is "done" for another year. SO CONGRATS TO THE 2017 TEAM-THEY HAVE JOINED THE "CLUB"!

We now have time to work on a number of things in practice and in the 4 remaining tournaments. We will play different player groups at times as we try to determine who will be on the final roster for State. We will not make that determination for at least a few weeks. ONE THING FOR SURE IS WE CANNOT COMPETE AT STATE PLAYING THE SAME 7-8 PLAYERS ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE AS WE DID THE FIRST FEW WEEKS. We now MUST develop 20 players who can play and contribute because will play up to 8 games in two days against very good teams in very hot weather. So rotating players is a must. I have said this for years the teams that go deep have 20 players not just a roster of 20. 

Now the work begins to identify those players and our rotations.

VFND AND "20/20"

Jim Poynter

Monday, May 22, 2017


Very solid start to the varsity 7 on 7 season this past Saturday at the first state qualifier of the year. While we just missed winning our pool and moving on to the qualifying round there were a number of very positive signs that this can be a very good Viking team.


Lamar 55  Frisco Reedy 13
Lamar 42 Lake Dallas 6
Plano 39 Lamar 26

  • Defense allowed just 19 points per game; in just three games we had 7 interceptions; two were returned for TD's (pick 6). Two more came really close to going back for scores. THAT IS OUTSTANDING WORK.
  • Offense averaged 43 points per game. Only twice in three games did we turn the ball over on downs or interception which means we were making good decisions and then executing the plays. On all important extra points we made 14-17 which is an excellent conversion ratio. Our starting receivers caught, 23, 18, 17, 12 and 5 passes each for the day which is great ball distribution.

Our "secret sauce" is to score consistently and then get two "stops" on D per half.  We came very close to meeting that challenge Saturday. The energy and effort was good all day. I really like the way we fought back from being behind twice in the 3rd game to tie the score. We will need to learn to win from behind and we will.

 All in all a very good first tournament.

Coach Poynter