Thursday, March 22, 2018


As I reflect back on the past 17 seasons of Lamar Viking 7 on 7 I cannot help but feel pride and frankly some amazement at what the "Lamar Nation" has accomplished through all the hard work put in by the players, parents, coaches, fans and sponsors to create this "one of a kind" program.

Texas is a big state. Any time you are one of the very best at something out of some 1400 high schools on a consistent basis, you are demonstrating your willingness to "put it out there" each season. I expect nothing less than this same concerted effort out of all the stakeholders this season starting with our players and coaching staff. We do not "hide" from the streak of qualifying 20 years in a row. We embrace it; we talk about it and we are committed to not letting it end on "our watch".

So, even though it is not yet "our season" we start the journey this Saturday March 24th with our first practice. We are going to hit the field passing, catching, defending and coaching like it means something to us-BECAUSE IT DOES.

Coach Jim Poynter