Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Week #7

7th Coach Comments-2021

Last Friday night the Vikes participated in the Lamar SQT which was held at Arlington High. Having qualified the week before the Vikes could only participate in pool play which is 3 games. We like to play in the maximum number of SQT’s because the kids like to face off against other high schools as much as possible under game conditions. So, this was the 6/7 SQT’s we will participate in prior to the state tournament next week.
Friday night was our opportunity to play all our younger or less experienced players extensively. Sirawn Evans our “to be” sophomore QB has been very patient waiting to get playing time at QB. He played 5 of the 6 halves for us Friday and did a good job and got better each game. Our starting QB Jaden Morris played center and was our coach on the field. Jaden showed great leadership in helping Sirawn call plays and offering him encouragement. Even though winning was not the emphasis this week, we did go 2-1 running our season record to 13-6.
This week we start practicing with the state tournament more front of mind. We will take the 20 players most likely to go to State to Keller this Friday for the final SQT of the season. This will give us 3 games to get this group ready to go.

Coach Poynter

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